About Austin Steingrube

I'm an electrical and controls engineer with experience in C++, C#, Sequencer Programming (ie "Game Loop), a little bit of graphic design, 3D modeling, and bits and bobs of a lot of game design.

Patriot Act 2.0

If you have been following the news, you've likely heard about the federal government trying to force Apple to break into an encrypted phone at which Apple refuses. This has brought into the public eye the debate about encryption and a new fervor in our legislative bodies to ban strong encryption. I want to point [...]

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Birds, Moving, and MORE

I'm yet to get another project up on here. Life has gotten unbelievably busy in the last month or so as things unfold. I've been doing a lot of work for multi-million dollar robotic material-removal cell in the area as well as do the industrial engineering for a beverage manufacturer a few states away. The [...]

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Site Format and Old Content

I'm in the process of writing articles for my past projects. For many of my projects, all I have left are a few pictures and videos as they were either fly-by-wire or I lost my design notebooks.  I also had the misfortune to lose a couple hard drives, so I am missing code, schematics, simulations, [...]

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Here We Go!

Howdy!  While I have owned foxrobotics.com since 2012, I have done very little with it.  Well, it's getting a face lift and hopefully more frequently updated content.  I'm not sure what this site will be in a year, but here's to finding out! The site will be under construction for a bit, so expect the [...]

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