A Champion for Learning, From the Field to the Floor

Jose Molina, a Walmart associate and local soccer coach, found himself following the advice he shares with his players when transitioning to a new role in his distribution center: Be positive, be willing to learn new things and be a team player.

Now 26 years into his Walmart career, Jose became an autonomous forklift operator just over a year ago. In other words, Jose is managing a high-tech robot that moves merchandise at DC 6020 in Brooksville, Florida.

Jose admitted he was nervous when his manager first approached him about the new role. But that’s when he remembered the advice that he’s usually giving to the young men he coaches.

“It’s like I tell my forward if he wants to score a goal — he has to try,” Jose shares. “If he tries 10 shots on goal, maybe he scores one or two. But if he never tries, he’ll score zero. Same thing over here. We have to try in order to understand. When we try, we can realize that yes, it’s different, but it’s also better.”

Jose says that as he’s spent more time in the role, he’s felt his worries melt away.

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