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Fox Robotics is the first to offer an automated forklift that can unload pallets from trailers to receiving docks. Fox takes a standard lift truck and adds sensors and software to enable self-driving with precise navigation and robust pallet picking and movement.

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Warehouses Need Work

Demand for warehouse workers has never been higher. Hiring is only going to become more difficult and expensive. Turnover is always a challenge. Automation can help by multiplying the productivity of your current employees.

Meet the Fox Bot

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Installs in an hour
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No IT or WMS integration
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25 picks/hour
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3,000 lb Payload

Self-Driving Technology

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Deep Learning Powered Vision
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Software-Guided Planning
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Precise and Flexible Navigation

Safe Operation

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360° Monitoring
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Safety-Certified Sensors
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ANSI B56.5 Certification
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Optional No-Go Zones
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Redundant Sensing

A Full Day of Work

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Two shifts at 20x speed


Multiply Worker Productivity

Multiply Worker Productivity



  • Save 25-30 Minutes per Trailer
  • Single Operator Can Manage 6-8 Forklifts
  • Forklift Handles Moving the Pallets
  • Operator Responsibilities:
    • Opening Trailers
    • Verifying Loads
    • Removing Air Bags, Load Bars
    • Handling Exceptions (Collapsed Pallets, Debris)
    • Recharging


  • Unloader can be driven manually
  • Handles block and whitewood pallets
  • Detects pallet load patterns on the fly
    • Straight
    • Pin-wheel
    • Double pin-wheel
    • Centered
  • Handles common situations:
    • Damaged pallets
    • Double-stacked pallets
    • Plastic wrap covering pockets


  • Unloaders need help with about 10% of pallets (debris in way, automation gets stuck)
  • Loads need to be stable (most loads are stable)
  • Not currently rated for pallets over 3,000 pounds
  • Cannot pick whitewood pallets from wide (48”) side
  • Requires 4” clearance from ceiling
  • Unloader is not waterproof

Upcoming Features

Non-Standard Pallets

Trailer Loading

Drop-Off at Conveyors

Put-Away to Racking

Pin-wheeled whitewhood pallets