Turn labor shortages into a competitive advantage with the FoxBot Autonomous Forklift

The FoxBot Autonomous Forklift runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
With this kind of reliability, you can reallocate labor elsewhere in the warehouse, improve efficiency with fewer staff, and maximize uptime.

Meet the FoxBot


How the FoxBot Autonomous Forklift works:

Trailer Loading & Unloading

We start with a standard 3-wheeled counterbalance electric forklift and equip it with a suite of safety-certified, off-the-shelf sensors and proprietary firmware to enable precise navigation and robust pallet-picking capabilities.


Our autonomous forklift operates on the receiving docks of customer warehouses, with real-time vision and LiDAR perception of the warehouse space around it.

Deep Learning-Powered Vision

The FoxBot autonomous trailer loading/unloading forklift uses on-board cameras and LiDAR sensors to identify pallets and detect obstacles in real time. Trained visual perception models enable the robot to pick pallets in any orientation from trailers it’s never seen before and place them on receiving floors that change over time.

Precise and Flexible Navigation

The FoxBot autonomous forklift’s software-guided planning allows for flexible navigation in both warehouses and trailers, with precise position and speed control. With predictable paths, the robot is still able to continuously adapt its route to avoid obstacles.

Live Mapping and Localization

Even in tight, cluttered environments, the FoxBot autonomous forklift has the ability to build maps of warehouse spaces automatically and on the fly. When our robots aren’t completing a run, they can stay at the trailer dock to avoid internal traffic.

Picks block and whitewood pallets

Support for additional pallet and container types is in development

Detects pallet load patterns on the fly

Including straight, pin-wheel, double pin-wheel, and centered

Handles common situations

Including damaged pallets, double-stacked pallets, and plastic wrap covering pallets

Is the FoxBot Autonomous Forklift right for your warehouse?

Easy integration: We deliver and install the FoxBot in just one hour, with no IT or WMS integration required.

Before we deploy a FoxBot to your site, we will request additional information about your building and workflows, as well as trailer, dock, and pallet details.


We’ll also schedule a half-day pre-deployment visit to take measurements around your dock doors, inspect your weather guards, and install our dock tags and reflective tape for the robot. For the FoxBot to operate optimally with minimal intervention, certain site qualifications must be met.

Try Our Proof of Concept Pilot Program

A Fox Robotics technician will bring a robot onsite to pull 8 trailers per day for three weeks, Monday through Friday.

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During this time, our team will collect performance data and metrics, such as total pallets pulled, pallets pulled per hour, total intervention rate, total utilization, and more.
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Each week, your dedicated Fox technician will meet with you for 30 minutes to walk through the data analysis.
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After the three weeks are up, we’ll send a robust post-pilot wrap up and any recommendations we have prior to implementation.

A Full Day of Work


Upcoming Features

Trailer loading

Drop-off at conveyors

Non-standard pallets

Put-away to racking

Pin-wheeled whitewood pallets

Operators will continue to be responsible for:

— Opening Trailers
— Verifying Loads
— Removing Air Bags, Load Bars
— Handling Exceptions (Collapsed Pallets, Debris)
— Recharging the robot

The FoxBot's current limitations:

— Unloaders need help with about 10% of pallets (debris in the way, automation gets stuck)
— Loads must be stable
— Not currently rated for pallets over 3,000 pounds
— Requires a 4” clearance from ceiling
— FoxBot is not waterproof

USFCR Verified Vendor