Supply Chain: Solved

Automated trailer loading & unloading that works. Install in an hour. Unload a trailer at 25 pallets per hour. No IT or WMS integration. Fox Robotics combines the latest in robotics, machine learning, optimization and planning to build automated forklifts that are smart, safe and effective.

Lower labor costs

Save up to 40% on labor costs and introduce reliability to warehouse operations.

Optimize workflows

Unload trailers in 45 minutes, with no IT or WMS integration required.

Multiply productivity

One operator can manage 5-6 FoxBots, reducing reliance on labor and ensuring operations are scalable.

Overcome labor challenges

Address labor shortages while lowering operating costs and boosting efficiency.

Reduce workplace accidents

With 360 degree monitoring and safety-certified sensors, our FoxBots exceed safety standards.

Improve employee retention

Automate repetitive tasks and free up time and opportunity for employees to move into more skilled, higher-paying positions.

Maximize uptime

Keep things moving with consistent operation, predictable speeds and routes, and improved battery life.

Shrink energy costs

The transition from propane to electric power saves you money and lessens your environmental impact.

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Loading and unloading are just the start. Next, we plan to tackle put-away, letdown, long-distance hauling, cross-dock, order picking, and more. We’re not going to stop until we develop automated solutions to handle all the major tasks in a warehouse.

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