Fox Robotics is on a mission to make robots that work

Our robotic forklifts are human multipliers: They make it possible for people to do more with less while also creating safer and more efficient working conditions. Doing more with less is how we future-proof supply chain workflows, grow our economy, and provide higher-paying jobs.

We make robots that work to make life better.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead the industry in autonomous pallet workflows. We imagine a world in which humans and robots collaborate to improve workplace safety and productivity.

Our Leadership Team

Marin Tchakarov

Marin Tchakarov

Marin is a technology executive with over 29 years of experience. He is passionate about connecting supply chain and fulfillment organizations to the advantages of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and next-generation robotics and has made valuable contributions to start-ups, private, and public companies alike.


CTO & Co-Founder

Peter Anderson-Sprecher

Peter has worked in robotics innovation for over 10 years. He received an M.S. from Carnegie Mellon University researching safety systems for collaborative industrial automation, and is a veteran of Google Research and Google X. At Fox Robotics he continues to work to build the next generation of industrial automation to make our workplaces more dynamic, safe, and productive.


VP of Engineering

Andrew Graham

Chief Financial Officer

Manny Guerrero

Nilesh Pradhan
Head of People & Chief of Staff

Barrie Golden

VP of Sales

Meghan Kennedy

Our Story

We started Fox Robotics in 2017 with the goal of making robots that work.

A group of engineers set out to create a company that could keep up with the fast-paced world of automation and build safe and intelligent robotic forklifts at scale.

Our goal at Fox Robotics is to bring intelligent warehouse automation to the masses, and we’re working tirelessly to make this aspiration a reality. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and our collective experience at some of the world’s leading automation companies, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in warehouse safety and efficiency.

Why Robots?

Our vision of the future doesn’t include people doing dull and dangerous tasks. Instead, we imagine a world in which machines do the dirty work.

By employing robots to work alongside humans, you can expect more consistent operations, greater productivity, and lower labor costs. For your employees, this means safer working conditions and fewer repetitive tasks, improving overall workplace satisfaction.

Whether your goal is to grow profits, create a more sustainable workplace, or even build a base on Mars, robots will get you one step closer.

The future can be great—if we build the right tools.

Why Forklifts?

The next generation of automation is in warehousing and manufacturing.

More than 5 billion pallets circulate through warehouses every day globally, their movement dependent on outdated manual operation or inflexible first-generation automation solutions. In the United States alone, supply chain and logistics industries rely on 4.5 million manual operators for nearly all pallet movement.

And manual forklift operation isn’t just inefficient; it’s also dangerous. OSHA estimates that of these 4.5 million manual operators, 34,985 will be seriously injured in a forklift accident this year—85 of them fatally.

These inherent disadvantages, along with expanding labor shortages, volatile global supply chains, and shifting consumer behavior, are leading businesses to search for greater reliability in trailer unloading and warehouse operations.

Our robotic forklifts guarantee reliability and safety, boost productivity, and save you money.

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