What Drives Us

We make robots that do useful work and that do it well. We make robots whose value is obvious and who can quickly pay for themselves.

We make robots that work because they are a human multiplier. They make it possible for us to do more with less. And doing more with less is really, really important. It is how we grow our economy, reduce environmental impacts, provide higher-paying jobs and fund social services. We make robots that work because it will make life better.

Our Team


Peter Anderson-Sprecher

Peter has worked in robotics innovation for over 10 years. He received an M.S. from Carnegie Mellon University researching safety systems for collaborative industrial automation, and is a veteran of Google Research and Google X. At Fox Robotics he continues to work to build the next generation of industrial automation to make our workplaces more dynamic, safe, and productive.


Head of Operations

Garrett Gibbons

Garrett is a seasoned business management professional with international operations and marketing experience. With a career ranging from activism in the non-profit sector to Hollywood and the global entertainment industry, Garrett excels at building teams and systems that allow organizations to succeed.


Head of Customer Success

Meghan Kennedy

Meghan is a customer, sales, and finance executive with 25+ years of experience leading high performing product teams. She is responsible for the overall revenue generation strategy and execution at Fox Robotics.


Head of Hardware

Marcus Lopez

Marcus has over 10 years of experience in manufacturing and machine design. This experience helps Marcus balance the subtle complexities of scaling Fox’s hardware department with the focus on the simple, workable solutions required to keep Fox swift and nimble.


Software Engineering Manager

Marie Turner

Marie brings decades of experience in software development, secure IT service delivery, and fleet management at scale.  Her enterprise customers have included Fortune 100 and some of the largest privately-owned companies in the US – spanning manufacturing, energy, hospitality, and financial services sectors.


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Driving Success in the Self-Driving Space

We started Fox Robotics in 2018, with a focus on making life better by building robots that simply work. As a group of hard-working engineers employed by the world’s top automation companies, we grew tired of the slow-moving structure of large corporations that were stifling progress in the fast-growing automation space.


We decided to strike out on our own, and build a company that can build innovative technologies and scale quickly. Today, Fox Robotics is driving toward our goal of bringing intelligent warehouse automation to the world.

Why Fox?

Waiting for someone else to build millions of useful, intelligent robots wasn’t working.

We’re engineers turned entrepreneurs. Our real passion is building robots that work, but after attempting to develop similar projects with other companies, we realized that the best way to build new robots was to first build a new company.

We designed Fox Robotics from the ground up to build robots that can work at scale. Our team, technology, hardware, use cases, and customers were all chosen with the goal of building a lot of useful and intelligent robots that simply work! How many is “a lot“? Well, about 1.5 million forklifts are sold in the United States each year–That’s a good start.


Why Robots?

Boring jobs should be considered a bug, not a feature. Our vision of the future doesn’t have people doing dull and dangerous work. Instead, we envision a world where machines do the dirty work.

Effective use of robotics mean higher productivity, which translates to higher living standards. With 85% of the world living below the U.S. poverty line, we need a lot more productivity. Productivity means doing more with less. Whether your goal is improving living standards, reducing environmental impacts, supporting an aging population, or building a base on Mars, we need a lot more productivity.

The future can be great–if we build the right tools.

Why Forklifts?

Forklifts are perfect for next generation of automation. Really. Better than cars. Better than vacuum cleaners. Better than robot arms. Forklifts handle a huge variety of problems with varying difficulties:

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Easy. Picking a standard pallet in a memorized location.
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Medium. Picking an unknown pallet type from a trailer you’ve never seen while on a ramp whose pitch changes as you drive over it.
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Hard. Navigating alongside manual forklift traffic in crowded conditions without causing road rage.

What's Next?

More robots! There are so many use cases yet to build in logistics, manufacturing, construction, and the home. We’re not satisfied with one robot. And we’ve already built this company. So let’s scale it up until our engineers can go from an idea to a working product faster than anywhere else.

A nice side effect of building a company is that we’ve been able to create a workplace where we really want to work. There are lots of interesting problems, all with real impact, and a decent chance at financial freedom as well. If that sounds appealing, consider joining us.

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Our Mission & Vision

At Fox Robotics, we make robots that work. We make life better by driving rapid and global adoption of intelligent warehouse automation.

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