How It
All Works

Automated trailer unloading that works. Fox Robotics Automated Trailer Unloaders (ATU) are delivered and installed in just one hour.

Our robots work quickly–unload a full trailer in 45 minutes. To schedule a demo at our Austin warehouse, or try the FoxBot ATU at your location, contact us.

Machine Learning, Self-Driving

Deep learning systems use on-board camera and LIDAR sensors to detect pallets, boxes and other obstacles in real time and enable the robot to pick and place pallets in trailers it’s seeing for the first time as well as receiving floors that change over time.


The unloader’s sensor and software guided planning provides flexible navigation in warehouses and trailers with precise position and speed control. Paths are predictable and adapt dynamically to avoid obstacles.


No IT or WMS integration is required for trailer unloading. One-time setup of a dock door to support unloading takes under 30 minutes.

Automated Peace Of Mind

Made For Safety

Built to ANSI/ITSDF B56.1 & CAN ICES-2/NMB-2 specs for “E” and “EE” industrial trucks

360 Detection

Our bots continuously monitor the space around the robot and stop in advance of collisions

Layers Of Protection

LIDAR detectors, cameras, PLC, Safety relay and fully redundant safety braking system all work to keep workers safe and avoid collisions

Courtesy Beeps

The bot is programmed to follow standard driving etiquette and safety procedures, such as sounding its horn before exiting and entering trucks

Low Stress

Unlike many human drivers, the robot strictly adheres to speed limits and safety protocols

Safe Workers

Each year in the USA, more than 60,000 people are injured by forklifts. The most likely person to be injured in a forklift accident is the driver. Our biggest safety feature is that there is no driver to be hurt

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Full Trailer Unload

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Powerful Modern Path Planner


Safety By Design

Our forklifts have 360° safety certified obstacle detection to prevent collisions. The FoxBot ATU is designed with modern safety standards for both forklifts and automated mobile robots. Manual operation is supported, allowing an operator to take direct control at any time.