How It Works

Automated trailer unloading that works. Fox Robotics’ Autonomous Forklifts are delivered and installed in just one hour.

Our robots work quickly–unload a full trailer in 45 minutes. To schedule a demo at our Austin warehouse, or try the FoxBot at your location, contact us.

Made for Safety

The FoxBot is designed with modern safety standards for both forklifts and automated mobile robots. Each robot is built to and compliant with ANSI/ITSDF B56.1 and CAN ICES-2/NMB-2 specs for “E” and “EE” industrial trucks.

Manual operation is supported, allowing an operator to take direct control at any time.

Automated Peace Of Mind

360° Detection

Our robots continuously monitor the space around them, checking for obstacles and stopping in advance of collisions

Layers Of Protection

LiDAR sensors, cameras, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Safety Relay, and fully redundant safety braking work together to avoid collisions and keep workers safe

Courtesy Beeps

Every FoxBot is programmed to follow standard driving etiquette and safety procedures and to sound its horn before entering and exiting trucks

Low Stress

Unlike many human drivers, the FoxBot strictly adheres to speed limits and safety protocols

Optional No-Go Zones

You decide where the FoxBot is allowed to go and stay when not in use

Safe Workers

When using the FoxBot, fewer warehouse employees are in harm’s way